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Arun Nair



  • “Outside Visitors” by Sarah Santana

  • “Folk Secrets Music Project” by Vayali Bamboo Band

  • “Timelapsed Tides” by Asher Fulero

  • “Magical Glade” by Soul Candle

  • “Spirit of the Dead” by Aakash Gandhi

  • “Walk into the Village” by Vayali Bamboo Band



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  • “Life in the time of Nipah”, The Times of India, June 2, 2018



  • “Under Cover” by Wayne Jones

  • “Dark Toys” by SYBS

  • “Resolution” by Wayne Jones

  • “The battle of 1066” by Patrick Patrikios

  • “Nocturnally” by Amulets

  • “Digital Dreaming”, Music by CO.AG 

  • “One”, (Album: Navarasam) by Thaikkudam Bridge

  • “Raga - Dance of Music” by Aakash Gandhi


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